You have software to block ads on your computer, but if you want to block ads on all your devices—from your smartphone to your tablets—you’ll need something a little stronger. VoIPster Communications’ AdBlockDNS Servers block ads of all sorts at the router level for FREE.

AdBlockDNS Servers:

    2620:128:7002:1::17 (IPv6)
    2620:128:7000::17 (IPv6)

You’ll need to route your device traffic through it so ad blocking works. To do this, you’ll need to change your devices’ DNS settings. This way, you devices ping our servers to block ads as long as they’re all on the same network. This is pretty simple, but varies depending on your devices and what they’re running.

  • Windows

Right-click the Start Button and select Network Connections.
Select your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.
Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (and/or Internet Protocol Version 6, if it is enabled on your network).
Click Use the DNS server addresses below.
Under the Preferred DNS server, enter our AdBlockDNS Servers.

  • OS X

Open System Preferences.
Click on Network.
Select your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.
Click on Advanced.
Click the DNS tab.
Click the plus sign and enter our AdBlockDNS Servers.

  • Android

Open Settings.
Select Wi-Fi.
Long press on your current network and select Modify Network.
Tap Show Advanced Options.
Change the IP Settings to Static.
Enter our AdBlockDNS Servers in the DNS field.

  • iOS

Open Settings.
Select Wi-Fi and tap your home network.
Tap DNS and enter our AdBlockDNS Servers.