Small Businesses and VoIP

You have a small business still working out of your home, or even a small

office. With a great product or service you are trying to sell, you want yoursmall-business-storefront-1.03-300x240 customers to feel like you are at the top in your industry. The first interaction a new customer will make is usually a phone call. So before you even answer your phone, VoIP systems can let your potential client know you are serious and professional about your product or service.

“If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions.” – Carlson Gracie



If you want to be a bigger company, you have to act like a bigger company. Many Fortune 500 companies have already made the change to VoIP systems, and for good reasons. This is something you as a small company can change to act more like a Fortune 500 industry, without the cost. Benefits include call forwarding, voicemail, unlimited long distance, call conferencing, etc. Even if you have a handful of employees, the benefits thrive more. You are able to keep connected more easily, roll over calls, transfer, and your employees can work from wherever they want. In addition, instead of taking that long, expensive business trip across the country, impress your clients with your web conferencing. This not only saves time, money, and stress, your clients realize you are serious about communication, even from miles away.

On the note of communication, with VoIP, voicemails can be encrypted into and sent directly to your email, faxes can be sent through online, and calls can be transferred directly to your phone from your employees. VoIP allows to work from wherever you are and not just your office. According to Sage Research, VoIP increased productivity 3.9 hours per week, per employee. This make sense! VoIP eases and simplifies communication and keeps employees happy.

I know that making a huge step, especially a financial one can be scary. Voipster Communications can answer all your questions until you feel confident that this is a transformation you want to make for your small business. It is time to start moving forward!