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The software on this page can be downloaded and installed on your computer and/or mobile device and integrate directly with your VoIPster Communications account.  Please read and select the correct software for your device.

More software packages for different platforms will be added soon. Please check here for updates.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact Support requesting assistance anytime. We are  always happy to help.




 Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

(MAC/Linux supported using Wine)

A softphone based on the PJSIP stack available for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It facilitates high quality VoIP calls (p2p or on regular telephones). It relies on the PJSIP stack and draws on available features.The software’s distinguishing characteristics are:

  • Profile of a lightweight background application
  • Small memory footprint (<20 mb RAM usage)
  • Strong adherence to the SIP standard
  • Support for a number of codecs: G.711 (u-law only), G.729
  • Integrated 2-way video
  • NAT traversal
  • SIP SIMPLE presence and messaging

VCPhone is free software. If you need help installing it or with usage, our Technical Support Department is happy to help. However, there is no warranty (expressed, implied or otherwise).

NOTE: We strongly recommend uninstalling all previous versions before installing any new or updated version.