Hosted PBX Service

Caller ID

Caller ID is a standard Hosted PBX feature which enables incoming calls to be identified by their Caller ID. An incoming caller’s ID is displayed on the users phone screen.
Similarly, all Hosted PBX extensions can be set to display a certain Caller ID when making outgoing calls. This is useful if a particular phone belongs to a particular department or if an individual wishes to display his/her direct number when placing outgoing calls.

Call ID

As you can easily understand, whenever somebody is calling you or a certain department representative wants to reach you, all the info will be displayed on your phone.

Caller Transfer

Any important call that you have, can be easily transferred to another user, to a voice mail and even to external numbers that are not integrated part of your business.

Call Parking

Calls will be placed in a so called parking lot and the receptionist can easily transfer the call to any desired destination by telling the intended recipient the call code line.

Call Forwarding

This is very useful when you are not in your office. When you are waiting an important call, but you cannot be in your office, you can redirect the call to any other telephone that you can use.

Call Recording

From time to time, especially when it is about a phone conference, recording it can be quite useful. Now, you can do that with this feature.

Call Reporting

You will have access to any sort of detail about all your given or received calls. Everything from date, user, extension and many other particular details will be available for you.

Voice Mail

– It is quite obvious what this service do. Nevertheless, you can also activate it when you are in an important meeting. In this way, your caller will be directed to your voice mail.

Follow Me

When you cannot answer a call, after a certain amount of time set by you, (15 seconds for example), the call will be redirected to another number, listed as a “follow me number”

VMX Locater

This is a very useful feature that will enable your caller to choose what option perfectly fit his needs. In this way, when he reaches the voice mail, he could choose between leaving a massage or calling you on another phone number or why not calling some of your representatives.


This is a very time saving feature available for any company. Whenever somebody will call your company, depending on his choice, he will be redirected to department or to the representative that he needs to talk to. It is like the VMX Locater only that it covers the entire company.

Call Queues

Some calls are more important than others, so you can choose your priorities very carefully. That is how you can be sure that you will not miss any important call while you are having a not so important conversation over the phone.

Music On HOld

Nobody likes to be put on hold on the phone, buy having some music played can help. You can customize this option for each and every caller that you have.

Ring Groups

This is very useful when you have a group of experts working for you. You can either call all of them at the same time or you can choose the order that fits your needs. It is all up to you.

Conference Rooms

After all, having a quick debate about a certain problem over the phone with the most important specialists in your company is quite useful from time to time.

Direct Inward System Acces

When somebody wants to access your system from an external source, this feature will allow this to happen as long as they know the code for access.

Inbound/Outbound Faxing

It is very important to find out everything that is send from and to your company. That is why this feature will allow you to get all the faxes in PDF format directly to your e-mail address.