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What is VoIP? How does it work?

When I first heard about VoIP, I was a little confused. I went to the famous Google search bar and typed in “VoIP”.

Photo Source: Computerworld.comProbably like you, we see that VoIP stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Ok, so what does that mean…

Let’s break this down, Voice Over is merely referring to the ability to talk through something, pretty easy. Yet, what is Internet Protocol? Internet Protocol, usually referred to IP Address, is “a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer uses to communicate over a network.” In easy terms, these are the “roads and expressways” that each computer takes to get to each other. Therefor, VoIP is the ability to talk using these computer “roads and expressways”.

Now, the next question, how does it work? VoIP works a lot like your email. Once you start talking, VoIP processes the information turning into ‘packets’ of data. These are then passed through the IP addresses we mentioned above.

Since VoIP uses these IP addresses, a lot more can happen than it can on your Photo Source: business2community.comordinary phone. VoIP services come with email, calling through your computer, faxing through email, video conferences, cheaper long distance calling, voicemails notifications through text and email, call forwarding, automated voicemails, and the list goes on. The best part is since so many people have started to use the internet, these services are not only available almost anywhere, they cost a fraction of the cost of your old phone.

VoIP offers very few disadvantages than you ordinary telephone. The one most companies and residential owners are worried about is “what if I lose internet in a storm?” This is a very good point. A storm that shuts off the electric and you can’t call out or receive calls for your business? VoIPster communications has a few options. The first, we have a “follow me list.” This allows for you to put as many phone numbers in a list that will transfer the Photo Source: derpibooru.orgcall, if you don’t pick up. For example, let’s say you have internet go out on your office phone. If you set it up before, any missed calls will forward on to wherever you tell them, i.e. our cell phone, another office in a different city. Secondly, another ability is to keep a small power source hooked up. Depending on what type you have ready, they can last for long period of time, keeping your internet and phones running without missing a beat.

Feel free to contact VoIPster communications. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about VoIP services!